Acquisition Strategy Consulting

Find the Right Opportunities for Growth.

We help you find the right acquisition opportunities for your business, then guide you through the process so that you can maximize your value and maintain your legacy.

Acquisitions are a powerful lever for business growth. But they also carry the potential for damaging mistakes. The wrong fit or a poor deal can irreparably damage valuable assets. We work with businesses to maximize value during acquisitions to ensure effective and efficient transitions that build solid business foundations.


Here’s how we help business owners with acquisition strategy.

Market Analysis

We help businesses to analyze the current market status to gain a high-level understanding of potential opportunities and then target potential partners.

Target Identification

We work with businesses to identify and then target possible partners that represent high business fit in terms of potential value and likely transitional efficiency.

Due Diligence

We perform internal due diligence to ensure that all business contexts are thoroughly understood and accurately represented to make the upcoming deal smoother.


We help our clients to perform, analyze, and understand business valuation to ensure maximum returns for deal stakeholders.

Deal Structuring

We help to equitably structure deals, working as strategic advocates for our clients to ensure that maximum value is realized, and pitfalls are avoided.

Integration Planning

We help to plan for the impending integration by coordinating logistics and ensuring financial, strategic, and operational functions are in order.

Integration Execution

We guide businesses through the integration process itself, helping to navigate potential hurdles and ensure that a seamless transition is realized.

The Kingsmoor Advantage

Deep Expertise

We’ve successfully overseen cumulative transactions of more than $6B in assets.

Customer Focus

Our focus is on building value in your business. We do well when you do well.

Proven Results

We consistently increase value in all situations – from acquisitions to exits.

How We Help

We offer expert guidance in the following areas.


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Case Study

The Story Behind the Sale – Maximizing Value and Legacy

Once the necessity of an acquisition was determined, we helped the Etscorns to comprehensively articulate their goals for the business.

After an analysis of consolidation options and careful consideration, the Etscorns were able to find a partner that valued their family’s legacy and was able to exceed their financial expectations.

Bob has great character and composure. He’s acceded to the highest levels of business, but he can relate to anyone.



Improved family’s financial prospects
Upheld legacy of business
Provided long-term peace of mind


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