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Meet Robert Fowler

I understand what it takes to build and sell a business, and I believe that you shouldn’t have to go it alone.

The reality is that business acquisitions and mergers can be logistically difficult, personally taxing, and frequently ridden with the potential for high-cost mistakes. You deserve to sell your business on your terms. My experience as a trusted business advisor can allow you to do so.

In more than thirty years of experience, I’ve overseen more than one hundred transactions with an aggregate value of over $6 billion. I’ve managed billion-dollar portfolios and offered significant input into functional operations. And I’ve built and sold my own businesses.

These are the experiences I’ll draw insight from.

A Beginning in Leveraged Finance

After graduating from Northwestern University in 1982, I began my career doing leveraged finance at Bank of Boston and Citibank, with a specific focus in arranging syndicated senior and subordinated debt transactions for TMT businesses. During this period, one member of my clientele was Chase Enterprises.

Chase Enterprises Portfolio Management

After spending seven years with Citibank, I transitioned into a position at Chase Enterprises where I was responsible for managing approximately $2 billion in assets concentrated in TMT, financial services, consumer products, and specialized manufacturing. I also acted as the lead director or chairman in the majority of our holdings.

In 1999, I sold @Entertainment, Chase’s largest portfolio business at the time, to United Pan-Europe Communications for over $1.4 billion. This transaction achieved a 6x return on the family’s invested capital.

Partner at Sandler Capital Management

Following my time at Chase, I was a partner and manager of the London office of Sandler Capital Management. With a focus on early stage and growth capital investments in the TMT sector, Sandler managed approximately $1.4 billion across five private equity funds and a hedge fund during my time there.

Founder at Annex Capital

After Sandler, I formed Annex Capital with a former partner. We acquired portfolios of debt, equity, and equity derivative investments from Dresdner Bank and Citibank, and proceeded, over a six-year period, to realize $252 million on a $79 million cost basis – a 3.3 times multiple. In virtually all of our positions, we also had significant operational engagement in repositioning and restructuring the assets under our management.

Your Advisor at Kingsmoor

Kingsmoor Advisors was formed in 2010. We focus on situations where a family or founder is seeking a partner to provide liquidity to some component of the ownership group. Often, this is the result of a generational transfer or a material change in strategy or course.

The process isn’t easy. But my goal as a trusted business advisor is to ensure that you maximize your value and legacy and sell your business on your terms. And I believe that my experiences as a strategic buyer and seller uniquely position me to help you do this.

You shouldn’t have to go it alone or rely on the input of people that you don’t fully trust. If you want to take the first step toward a better business merger or acquisition process, talk to a trusted business advisor today.

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Case Study

Nashville Collision Repair Consolidation

A business in Nashville was one of four major players that, together, claimed about 60% of the industry’s local market share.

We worked to capitalize on the urgency of the market – the business sale would empower the buyer to dominate the other players, and that context set the stage for competing bids.

“Bob got me 20% more through the process (as compared to initial offers).”


Capitalized on the value of a current growth market
Capitalized on the urgency of the competition
Generated above-market returns