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Selling an Auto Business Is Complicated.

We offer trusted guidance to make sure the process goes smoothly and that you have all of the information you need to maximize your business’s value.

We’ve worked with business owners like you to ensure ideal selling partners and to navigate the language of deals. Selling a business is an emotional process. You can trust our experience to see you through. While we’ve overseen $6 billion in transactions, we focus on the personal aspects of business – working with us means gaining a partner. Put simply, you can lean on our expertise when you need to and you can always count on us to have your back.

So if you’re considering selling your auto business, get in touch. Avoid the process pitfalls and take care of your business, your people, and your family.

Kingsmoor helps auto business owners to:

Don’t move through the process of selling alone. Get the help of a trusted guide who gets it.

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Meet Robert

Kingsmoor Founder Robert Fowler has completed over one hundred transactions with an aggregate value of more than $6 billion over 30 years of experience.

In previous roles, Bob has overseen $2 billion in assets as a Senior Vice President at Chase Enterprises, contributed to the management of $1.4 billion in assets as a partner at Sandler Capital Management in London, and founded and managed Annex Capital, an investment firm that realized $252 million on a $79 million cost basis.

Bob has been on both sides of the table as a strategic buyer and as a seller, and he puts that experience to use to help business owners successfully navigate mergers and acquisitions to maximize their value and legacy.

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Case Study

The Story Behind the Sale – Maximizing Value and Legacy

Once the necessity of an acquisition was determined, we helped the Etscorns to comprehensively articulate their goals for the business.

After an analysis of consolidation options and careful consideration, the Etscorns were able to find a partner that valued their family’s legacy and was able to exceed their financial expectations.

Bob has great character and composure. He’s acceded to the highest levels of business, but he can relate to anyone.



Improved family’s financial prospects
Upheld legacy of business
Provided long-term peace of mind


Make the right calls.

At our transaction consultation, we will:

  • Review your business context.
  • Discuss your needs, desires, and concerns in regard to outcomes.
  • Get a feel for whether Kingsmoor Advisors is the right fit to help you navigate your merger or acquisition process.

Take the first step toward maximizing your business’s value and retaining your control over the process. Let’s sell your business on your terms.

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